Tarpon Springs Alternate Dispute Resolution and Mediation Lawyer

Ellen Deutsch Taylor has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court to handle all forms of mediation in the county and circuit courts of Florida. However, Ms. Deutsch Taylor believes that many disputes can be settled before litigation. Litigation is costly, time consuming and the results are never certain. With a neutral third party mediator both sides are in control of the outcome. Therefore, it is preferable to resolve disputes even before they end up before a judge and that is my approach..

Ms. Deutsch Taylor has been specially certified to handle foreclosure mediation cases. The Florida Supreme Court has determined that all foreclosure cases that involve the homeowner's primary residence should first be handled by a specially trained mediator rather than going through the long court process. As a mediator I have been successful in bringing together the bank and the homeowner to modify loans or reach a decision that is acceptable to both parties..

A new area for mediation that is becoming more and more important is elder and adult mediation. A trained mediator such as Ms. Deutsch Taylor can help resolve conflicts that arise between seniors and their adult children. I bring family members together to help develop effective discussions which can lead to the solving of specific concerns and provide a plan for effective communication going forward in regard to financial planning, inheritances, medical decisions and other personal matters such as driving, medication management etc. Mediation on these matters can avoid prolonged family conflict, family feuds and other crises that effect an aging population.

My goal is to resolve all types of disputes in a way that ensures that goes beyond merely achieving a agreeable deal whether it be business or personal. My goal is to enhance all parties satisfaction with the outcome through professional and personal attention to the matter at hand.